Calculus III OpenCourseWare: Capilano University's Undergraduate Level Free Advanced Calculus Course

Published Jan 10, 2009

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If multivariable functions, triple integrals and the limit concept are terms that excite your curiosity, you might be interested in Capilano University's free online class, 'Calculus III' (MATH 230). An advanced math course for students pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, or a degree in any field that requires a strong grasp of mathematics, this OpenCourseWare class could be a useful supplement to your main course of study.

Calculus III: Course Specifics

Degree Level Free Audio Video Downloads
Undergraduate Yes No No Yes

Lectures/Notes Study Materials Tests/Quizzes
No Yes No

Calculus III: Course Description

'Calculus III' is an advanced mathematics course provided by Capilano University. Dr. Chris Morgan of the university's Mathematics and Statistics Department teaches this lecture-based class, which is intended for students who have already taken at least one college-level calculus course. 'Calculus III' is meant to introduce students to advanced concepts, such as multi-variable functions, double and triple integrals, the derivative and other important concepts. Students will also learn more about different ways to use a graphing calculator. If you're already enrolled in a calculus course elsewhere, this online class could be a useful study aid to get a firm grasp on concepts like differentiating multi-variable functions, evaluating integrals and analyzing curves in three-space. Downloadable worksheets and tests (complete with the answers) will be a helpful review for students pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry or any field that requires a strong understanding of advanced mathematics. This OpenCourseWare class could also be useful for teachers looking for a guide to create their own lesson plans and worksheets.

If you download this free online class, you'll have access to the course syllabus, class calendar, 16 worksheets with answers and five exams with answers. Want to learn more? Then check out the advanced calculus course page.

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