Animal Science Online Degrees: Overview of an Online Animal Science Degree Program

Published Aug 19, 2009

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Programs in Animal Science prepare students for careers in livestock production, animal product processing or veterinary medicine. Online programs are offered at the associate and bachelor's degree levels that provide flexible options for completing a degree. For more information, read the following overview of online Animal Science degree programs.

Overview of Online Animal Science Degree Programs

Online Associate Degree Programs in Animal Science

Online associate degree programs in Animal Science are often designed for students interested in becoming veterinary technicians. Programs at the associate degree level generally last two years or four semesters. Some online programs have flexible schedules allowing students to complete the program at their own pace. The curriculum might cover animal anatomy and physiology, animal nutrition, reproduction, genetics and veterinary office management. Most Animal Science programs require proctored exams and some may require a practicum or internship.

Online Bachelor Degree Programs in Animal Science

Online Animal Science programs at the bachelor's degree level provide students with knowledge about production, management, distribution, sales and marketing of animals and animal products related to the food industry. Some programs might require prerequisite coursework for admission into the program. Bachelor's degree programs typically require 120 hours of coursework. Coursework includes nutrition, meat science and technology, anatomy and physiology, food processing, production techniques, diary science, animal use and genetics.

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