Animal Science Degrees: Career Options for Graduates with an Animal Science Degree

Published Oct 23, 2009

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Veterinary technicians, animal scientists, grazing and herd specialists, dairy breeding specialists and farm managers utilize degrees in animal science. This degree program teaches individuals how to manage the reproduction, food management and healthcare of large and small-breed animals. Keep reading to learn more about the career options for graduates with an animal science degree.

Animal Science Associate's Degree Career Summary

Farm managers, equine specialists and dairy technicians may have an associate's degree in animal science. Students earning this degree focus on practical animal science concepts, such as anatomy, breeding, health, nutrition and physiology. It also introduces students to the latest in animal science technology. Many animal science associate's degree programs offer students the opportunity to specialize in dairy management, equine management or small animal care. Graduates find employment with large ranchs, dairy farms and equine centers.

Animal Science Bachelor's Degree Career Summary

Self-employed animal scientists, breeding specialists, farm managers, animal sales representatives, educators and zoo technicians use their bachelor's degree in animal science each day. Many bachelor's degree programs encompass animal management, reproduction, marketing, distribution and sales. Students study agriculture, business, biology, computer science, economics, mathematics, physical sciences and statistics. Graduates of an animal science degree program may work for breed associations, dairy plants, feed companies, meat packers, schools and zoos.

Animal Science Master's Degree Career Summary

A master's degree program in animal science provides professional expertise for meat scientists, grazing and herd specialists, pathobiologists, county extension agents and specialists working for the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Graduates of a master's degree program in animal science often pursue professional and doctoral degrees especially those looking to become veterinarians. Animal science professionals also find employment as animal biotechnicians, educators, university researchers, agri-business specialists and animal pharmacists.

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