Animal Science Degree: Requirements to Enroll in and Complete an Animal Science Degree Program

Published Aug 18, 2009

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Animal Science degree programs provide students with knowledge relating to livestock production, animal processing and animals used for companionship or recreation. Careers in Animal Science require a thorough understanding of genetics, biology, nutrition and animal physiology. Read on for more information about the enrollment and completion requirements for an Animal Science degree program.

Enrollment Requirements for an Animal Science Degree Program

Many colleges and universities offering programs in Animal Science admit students based on high school performance and test scores, such as the ACT or SAT. Once admitted to the institution, students are able to enroll in the Animal Science Program. Graduate students might have to meet a minimum grade point average for undergraduate coursework. They also need a bachelor's degree. Graduate programs might also consider GRE test scores.

Completion Requirements for an Animal Science Degree Program

Bachelor's degree programs in Animal Science generally require between 120 and 150 credit hours with a set number of those hours spent on major coursework. Students might take courses in animal products, animal physiology, genetics and genetic manipulation, animal nutrition and breeding in addition to classes on management, production and data analysis. Some programs require students to complete coursework in an area of concentration, such as the dairy industry, meat processing or pre-veterinary medicine. Both graduate and undergraduate programs might require a thesis or participation in an internship program.

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