Accounting Associate's Degree

Published Aug 25, 2006

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If you are interested in a career in accounting, you should read this article to see if an Accounting Associate's Degree is right for you. With an Accounting Associate's Degree you will be trained in financial, managerial and cost accounting.

Degree Description

An Accounting Associate's Degree acts as a launching point for students looking to enter the accounting industry. In this 2 year program, students are exposed to many different careers in accounting, including cost, managerial and financial accounting, auditing, international accounting, and tax planning.

Degree Courses

While required courses vary from school to school, students in this program will master the basic accounting principals necessary to work in the accounting field. On top of accounting skills, critical thinking and problem solving training received through this program give graduates the skills and confidence needed to succeed in this field.

Benefits of an Accounting Associate's Degree

Due to the increasing number of business and new financial laws like Sarbanes-Oxley, the accounting and auditing field is growing at a very rapid rate. The Bureau of Labor Statistics ( is predicting an 18-26% growth through the year 2014. As a result of this great growth, the supply of accountants does not meet the demand, causing job openings and increasing salaries. With an Accounting Associate's Degree, you can enter into this growing and exciting field.

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