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Published Feb 10, 2009

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In Australia, 'tertiary' education refers to universities, polytechnical schools, colleges and other institutions of higher education. 'Exploring Teaching and Learning in Tertiary Contexts' OpenCourseWare is a postgraduate course originally designed for tertiary level teachers and presented by the University of Southern Queensland. Students pursuing a master's or doctoral degree with an eye to college teaching may find this course helpful.

Exploring Teaching and Learning in Tertiary Contexts: Course Specifics

Degree Level Free Audio Video Downloads
Post-graduate Yes No No Yes

Lectures/Notes Study Materials Tests/Quizzes
Yes Yes No

Exploring Teaching and Learning in Tertiary Contexts: Course Description

Students in the original course started by looking at themselves i.e. what they wanted to achieve in teaching and what were their beliefs and suppositions about the field. They then went on to discover what teachers at the tertiary level do; what was a typical learner and learning environment; and how to create, setup and appraise a learning program. The original course also included two workshops. Students gained practical skills through reading, discussion, workshops and journalizing. They planned and conducted a half-hour 'learning and teaching event', which was presented to and assessed by peers. Each student in the original course found a currently employed professor, ideally in his or her discipline, to be a collegial partner and help with the final project, Teaching Capacity Enhancement Plan, that would guide the student's professional development. The course was presented in a lecture-workshop format within the Faculty of Education.

'Exploring Teaching and Learning in Tertiary Contexts' includes lecture notes (available in .pdf format for download), assignments and reading lists. If you would like to learn more about teaching at the tertiary level, then please visit the instructing and learning in a tertiary setting course page.

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