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Published Jan 14, 2009

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New biotechnologies, such as stem cell research, can often raise complex medical and ethical questions. Explore social and clinical controversies in the biological sciences in 'Social Studies of Bioscience and Biotech,' a free online OpenCourseWare from MIT. This graduate-level course is intended for students studying Biology, Philosophy and Medicine.

Social Studies of Bioscience and Biotech: Course Specifics

Degree Level Free Audio Video Downloads
Graduate Yes No No Yes

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Social Studies of Bioscience and Biotech: Course Description

In 'Social Studies of Bioscience and Biotech,' students interested in bioethics can explore a wide range of questions and issues that researchers in new biotechnologies and their applications face. For example, the intense public controversy surrounding embryo research and the use of stem cells offers insight into the complex legal and ethical issues that can emerge in bioscience. Students will discusses the complications that arise in a changing political climate, such as shifting regulations and funding, the practical and ethical issues that develop in clinical trials and medical applications and the delicate relationship between ethical research practices and the demands of industry. The course also focuses on social concerns, particularly the disparate availability of new medicines and technologies between wealthy and poor communities. Further case studies will be drawn from social studies in the sciences and medical ethics and anthropology. This graduate-level course is taught by MIT Professors Michael M. Fischer, Byron Good and Mary-Jo Good.

A bibliography of suggested readings and several written assignments are offered on the course website. To learn more, visit the biotechnology course page.

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