Online News Reporter Degree: Requirements to Complete an Online Degree Program for Becoming a News Reporter

Published Sep 15, 2009

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News reporters work behind the scenes to gather information and compile stories, which they will then broadcast on the air. Aspiring news reporters should have a bachelor's degree in journalism or mass communications, in addition to previous hands-on experience working for a college broadcasting station. Mid-career news reporters may benefit from an online graduate-level program, which can lead to better and higher-paying positions or a transition to a different journalism career.

Enrolling in an Online News Reporter Degree Program

Several schools offer online bachelor's degree programs in journalism or mass communications, which provide the necessary knowledge and skills for a news reporter position. Prospective students should consider an online program affiliated with a well-established journalism school, according to Poynter Online, A high school diploma or GED is required for acceptance into an online news reporter degree program. Other admission requirements will vary by institution, but some programs may require ACT or SAT scores, a personal essay, a resume and any transcripts from previous college work. Admission requirements for a graduate-level program can include GRE scores, letters of recommendation, a personal statement and a resume.

Completing an Online News Reporter Degree Program

The curriculum for an online news reporter bachelor's degree may include classes in news reporting, journalism ethics, proofreading and editing, feature writing, international journalism and advanced reporting. A practicum or internship may be required. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics,, states that advanced computer skills, such as graphics and desktop publishing, are increasingly important for news reporter careers.

At the master's degree programs, the curriculum can vary depending on the student's area of concentration. Sample coursework for a media management concentration includes media economics, media management, qualitative and quantitative research methods, mass media and media ethics. Some universities offer online doctoral programs in journalism. Students can study literary journalism, intellectual property, strategic communication planning, advertising and public relations, telecommunication policy and communication research methods.

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