Online Media Specialist Degree: Career Options for Graduates with an Online Media Specialist Degree

Published Sep 07, 2009

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Media Specialists who earn a degree online are responsible for all the equipment used in libraries, presentations, seminars and conferences. Common career choices for graduates with an online Media Specialist degree include working at schools, libraries and media companies.

Associate's Degree in Media Specialist Career Summary

There are two different types of options for an associate's degree program for Media Specialist. The first type of degree is designed for students without another undergraduate degree looking to begin a career in media. The second is for people who already hold a degree, usually teachers, who want a Media Specialist endorsement to work in libraries and schools. The first type of degree, for new students, is often in a specific area, such as broadcast, alternative and interactive Media Specialist. These types of degrees prepare students for careers working in radio, television and film, helping the handicapped with digital media and generating interactive media for the Internet. In general, Media Specialist technician positions are available at all companies that use media equipment, including radio and TV stations, health, social and welfare services organizations, community action groups, non-profits, governmental agencies and medical and industrial corporations. The second type of degree, for students who already hold another undergraduate degree, prepares students to work as library Media Specialists.

Bachelor's Degree in Media Specialist Career Summary

Most bachelor's degrees for Media Specialists prepare graduates to work in libraries, schools and research facilities. These institutions are the largest employers of Media Specialists and all public institutions' positions require at least a bachelor's degree. These degrees may be offered in conjunction, or as minors, endorsements or concentrations, with educational degrees. Students take classes to become proficient in library administration, information resources, web page development, information systems, electronic information technology, systems development and design and database management. Students may also seek bachelor's degrees for Media Specialists that concentrate in business. These degrees may be required by businesses to work in multimedia, digital imaging, website design, Internet marketing, media production, video conferencing, video production and media training.

Master's Degree in Media Specialist Career Summary

Master's degrees for Media Specialists are available for students primarily interested in being library Media Specialists. These degrees prepare students to work at libraries, schools and universities. Generally, such programs are designed to fulfill the curriculum requirements of the states for certification to work in public schools, from K-12. Other master's for Media Specialists may be included in graduate business programs, to prepare students to work for small businesses and large corporations.

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