Media Specialist Degree: Requirements to Enroll in and Complete a Media Specialist Degree Program

Published Sep 11, 2009

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A Media Specialist is a librarian who instructs teachers and students how to use electronic media in the classroom. Most states require that Media Specialists hold a master's degree in library science or education with a school library media concentration. Doctoral programs are also available for students with master's degrees in education who are interested in advanced study of school library media and wish to have careers in adult education.

Enrolling in a Media Specialist Degree Program

Before applying to a master's program in library science, applicants should make sure that the program is accredited through the American Library Association, According to Scholastic,, there are a few universities offering particularly good library media programs, either on-campus or as a distance learning option.

A few of these programs require applicants to have a current teaching license. A bachelor's degree is required to enter the Media Specialist master's degree program. Doctoral programs require a master's degree in education. Additionally, Graduate Record Examination (GRE) or Miller Analogies Test (MAT) scores, transcripts, a personal essay, letters of recommendation and a resume may also be required for admission.

Completing a Media Specialist Degree Program

Most Media Specialist master's degree programs will take about 36 semester-hours to complete. Doctoral programs require 90 semester-hours. The course curriculum will vary by program, but possible master's-level classes include information services, cataloging, instructional technology research, instructional development and media program administration. Internships and a portfolio or thesis are often part of the program requirements.

Doctoral-level Media Specialist classes can include instructional design models, instructional systems theory, qualitative research and instructional computing. Some doctoral programs require an internship or apprenticeship. A candidacy exam and dissertation are also part of the graduation requirements.

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