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Published Nov 22, 2006

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An Instructional Leadership Doctorate Degree concentrates on the growing need for exceptional-quality trained curriculum supervisors. Students who earn a doctorate degree in Instructional Leadership can further their careers in more complex jobs relating to education administration such as principal or assistant principal, chief academic officer, academic dean, chief development officer or dean of students.

An Instructional Leadership Doctorate Degree Overview

Summary of the Degree

An Instructional Leadership Doctorate Degree Program allows students to obtain the skills required to meet the demands of current educational practice, to make sound decisions, to implement workable instructional technology, and to respond to ethical and professional issues within the educational structure. Some of the more general courses mandatory in an Instructional Leadership Doctorate Degree Program include:

  • Advanced Studies in Education
  • Fundamental Doctoral Programs in Education
  • Preparation to Doctoral Advancement
  • Leadership Forum
  • Research Design
  • Educational Statistics
  • Case Study Applications in Education
  • Advance Qualitative Applications
  • Values and Ethics in Educational Guidance
  • Program Evaluation in Education
  • Personal Administration
  • School Finance and Business Management

Career Fields

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, education and training are important to educate effectively. Employment of education administrators looks to be a substantial growth field. K-12 principals and assistant principals have a positive hiring potential, as do college and university administrators.

Occupational Outlook

The National Association of Elementary School Principals,, distributed the National Survey of Salaries and Wages in Public Schools as conducted by the Educational Research Service. The survey showed $75,144 as the average annual salary paid to elementary school principals. Middle school principals earn an average salary of $80,060. High School principals earn $86,160. Assistant principals earn $62,213 in elementary schools, $66,360 in middle schools and $70,495 in high schools. According to,, a Dean of Education annually earns $111,845 to $148,146.

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