History and Anthropology of Medicine and Biology OpenCourseWare: A Free MIT Grad-Level Course

Published Jan 12, 2009

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Students interested in the evolution of medicine and understanding of biology should look at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's (MIT) free OpenCourseWare social sciences class 'History and Anthropology of Medicine and Biology.' As a graduate level course, the class is designed for students with some background in the topic.

History and Anthropology of Medicine and Biology: Course Specifics

Degree Level Free Audio Video Downloads
Graduate Yes Yes Yes Yes

Lectures/Notes Study Materials Tests/Quizzes
No Yes No

History and Anthropology of Medicine and Biology: Course Description

This OpenCourseWare offered by the Department of Science, Technology and Society at MIT in Cambridge, MA, covers medical and biological development from the ancient Greeks to the present day. It explores medical discoveries from throughout the world, including the importance of genetic variation, the evolution of medical institutions and the influence of new technologies on research. On the medical side, students examine new medical techniques and products. The course covers the behavior of viruses and harmful bacteria and the influence of the environment on living organisms. Professors Dr. David Jones and Dr. Stefan Helmreich teach this course. Students must have the ability to open .mov downloads.

This OpenCourseWare includes a syllabus, required reading list, brief assignment instructions, external links and audio and video material. Those interested in this free course should visit the History and Anthropology of Medicine and Biology course page.

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