Game Software Development Degree Info - Bachelor Degree Review

Published Jan 06, 2007

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A Game Software Development Bachelor Degree is for students who love games and want to develop designing technical skills that focus on interactive software. A bachelor degree in Game Software Development prepares students to design games for military, health care, television and educational purposes.

Game Software Development Bachelor Degree Overview

Summary of the Degree

A Game Software Development Bachelor Degree teaches students to develop decisive thinking, judgment, communication and problem solving while working with a team to design interactive games. Some of the more general courses mandatory in a Game Software Development Bachelor Degree Program include:

  • Structure of Interactive Games
  • Physics
  • Game Design Principles
  • Multimedia Interfaces
  • Interactivity and Games
  • Digital Graphics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Programming Games
  • Engineering Software
  • Multimedia Design
  • Special Effects
  • Deploying and Evolving Software

Skills Obtained

A Game Software Development Bachelor Degree Program prepares students for positions in the game software industry such as game and interactive software tester, game documentation writer, game maintenance administrator, game support specialist and game requirements analyst.

Career Fields

A report from DFC Intelligence ( details how the software game industry growth has not slowed down and revenues continue to increase, which means job security for anyone employed in software game designing industry.

Occupational Outlook

According to Next Generation (, the annual salary for a game designer is $54,777, for a game writer is $61,000, and for a gaming industry creative director is $72,125.

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