Digital Media Production: Online Course Curriculum for Television and Digital Media Production Degrees

Published Aug 31, 2009

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An online digital media production course gives students the skills necessary to become content producers for both Internet and television. Students who complete an online digital media program might become motion graphic designers, digital image producers or digital film editors. Filmmakers frequently use digital media production techniques and equipment, and they edit using various digital editing software programs, such as Final Cut Pro and Photoshop for Digital Video. For the Internet, digital media production professionals create Flash motion graphics that are embedded into Web pages.

Course Curriculum for an Online Certificate in Digital Media Production

Candidates who earn certificates from online digital media production courses take non-credit classes that provide them with basic knowledge and skills for working in the field. Students in an online certificate course learn digital media production through hands-on projects working with various computer programs.

Course Curriculum for an Online Associate's Degree in Digital Media Production

Those interested in becoming video editors, multimedia designers or video equipment technicians benefit from earning associate's degrees in digital media production through online (or on-campus) production courses. Students learn how to use software like Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Photoshop for Digital Video and Pro Tools while working on individual and group projects.

Course Curriculum for an Online Bachelor's Degree in Digital Media Production

Storyboarding, screenwriting and digital imaging are some of the topics covered in an online bachelor's degree program in digital media production. Using the above-mentioned software and equipment, students in a digital media production bachelor's degree program build a portfolio while working individually and within a group to create various video projects. Online digital media production courses also emphasize project management skills, which will be essential for students who wish to pursue careers as digital film producers, editors, motion graphic designers or freelance Internet designers.

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