Chemical and Biological Reaction Engineering OpenCourseWare: A Free Undergraduate Engineering Course by MIT

Published Feb 18, 2009

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Biological and chemical reactions, which are key parts of the manufacturing process for essential products like pharmaceuticals, are the subject of this undergraduate OpenCourseWare from MIT. In this free 'Chemical and Biological Reaction Engineering' course, you'll review stoichiometry and learn about various types of chemical and biological reactors. You may find this OpenCourseWare especially useful if you're a B.S. degree candidate in Chemical or Biochemical Engineering.

Chemical and Biological Reaction Engineering: Course Specifics

Degree Level Free Audio Video Downloads
Undergraduate Yes No No Yes

Lectures/Notes Study Materials Tests/Quizzes
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Chemical and Biological Reaction Engineering: Course Description

A major component of this course deals with various types of reactors, including batch, plug flow and isotope. In the original 'Chemical and Biological Reaction Engineering' course, Professors William Green, Jr. and K. Dane Wittrup also covered mass transfer and biocatalysis. In addition to these core topics, 'Chemical and Biological Reaction Engineering' OpenCourseWare presents examples of how chemical and biological reactions are applied in the cutting-edge biotech and energy sectors. This 'Chemical and Biological Reaction Engineering' lecture course was required for students earning B.S. degrees in the Chemical Engineering Department at MIT.

This OpenCourseWare contains lecture notes, a reading list, problem sets with solutions, exams with solutions, external WebLab links and downloadable lab information and a MATLAB software review. To get started learning about this engineering science, take a look at the engineering of biological and chemical reactions course page.

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