Bachelor of Computer Applications: Requirements to Complete a Bachelor of Computer Applications Degree Program

Published Oct 09, 2009

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Computer applications bachelor's degree programs are perfect for individuals interested in computer networks, computer programming and information technology systems. Many bachelor's degree programs in computer applications provide students with a wide variety of computer science knowledge, such as network planning, information technology security, network forensics and web development.

Computer Applications Bachelor's Degree Program Overview

A bachelor's degree program in computer applications prepares individuals to organize, develop and manage computer networks for businesses, schools and other organizations. Computer applications professionals learn how to build efficient computer networks that process system information in a secure environment. This degree program teaches students how to manage technical support departments, develop computer programming software and manage databases.

Graduates of bachelor's degree programs in computer applications may find work as computer programmers, network administrators, network engineers, computer engineers, web developers, software developers or information technology engineers. Often, a computer applications bachelor's degree is the minimum requirement for employment with competitive information technology companies.

Computer Applications Bachelor's Degree Program Completion Requirements

Students need to complete a wide variety of coursework in order to complete a bachelor's degree program in computer applications. Introduction to computer science, computer programming, system analysis, network architecture design and database structures are some courses students may take. Computer applications students may also take classes in computer network organization, network security, network forensics, information technology security and computer network management.

Job Training for Computer Applications Bachelor's Degree Programs

Many computer applications students gain practical hands-on experience working in their own college's information technology department while attending school. Others gain work-related experience through supervised computer science internships that culminate many 4-year computer applications bachelor's degree programs.

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