Agriculture Classes: Overview of Common Agriculture Classes

Published Aug 18, 2009

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Classes in Agriculture programs cover horticulture, animal science, bioengineering, agricultural operations management and irrigation systems. Classes offered at the associate's degree level might have a broader, introductory scope, while those at the graduate level might focus on one topic in greater depth. This article discusses some common Agriculture classes offered at various degree levels.

Common Agriculture Classes

Overview of Classes for an Associate's in Agriculture

Associate's degrees in Agriculture include classes focusing on specific skills necessary to prepare students for entry-level positions in this field. Classes in agricultural business, food production, animal science and horticulture introduce students to the field. Students are encouraged to choose courses on a specific focus because programs are short. Students interested in farm-related careers may take classes in swine or sheep production. Those interested in horticulture might take classes in irrigation systems. Courses in pet shop management or canine care might be available for students interested in domestic animal care.

Overview of Classes for a Bachelor's in Agriculture

In addition to introductory classes in food production, animal science and horticulture, bachelor's degree programs in Agriculture offer classes in operations management, agricultural education or biological engineering. Management classes might include computer applications for agricultural management, water management, irrigation principles, pesticide application and operational systems. Engineering programs might include classes on biological engineering, food bioprocessing, environmental design and land and water resource engineering.

Overview of Classes for a Master's in Agriculture

Master's degree programs in the field of Agriculture tend to have a finer focus. Topics that might have been addressed in undergraduate coursework are explored in greater depth. Classes are offered in specialty areas, such as soil and water science, horticultural science, animal science, biological engineering or food science. Students might choose classes in advanced agricultural processes, food and the environment, biological systems or advanced plant breeding. Classes are intended to prepare students for high-level careers or research positions in Agriculture.

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