School Lists for Environmental Management Degrees

  • Conservation Schools: List of Schools with Conservation Degree Programs

    Conservation degree programs encompass a wide range of concentrations that may fall under different academic categories, such as ecosystem science and management, environmental science or natural resource conservation. At many schools, students choose a specific area of concentration, such as forestry, rangeland, fish or wildlife conservation. The primary focus of all conservation degree programs is the stewardship of natural resources. Ohio State University, the University of Minnesota and Texas A&M University are three schools that offer conservation degrees.

  • Environmentalist Schools: List of Schools with Degree Programs for Becoming an Environmentalist

    Environmentalists, or environmental scientists, study and seek solutions for pollutants and other environmental hazards. A minimum of a bachelor's degree is typically needed to enter the field, although most environmentalists hold graduate degrees in environmental science or environmental studies. Ohio State University and the University of Florida are just two U.S. institutions offering degree programs for becoming an environmentalist.

  • Online Forestry Conservation Universities: List of Universities with Online Forestry Conservation Degrees

    Forestry conservation is generally one of several subjects taught in forestry, natural resources development and environmental management programs. While there are no universities with online forestry conservation degrees, Duke University, Texas A&M University, the University of Idaho and Northern Arizona University all offer degree programs in which forestry conservation is studied.

  • Online Wildlife Conservation School: List of Schools with Online Wildlife Conservation Degree Programs

    Aspiring conservationists may find several online courses available for wildlife and forestry conservation. However, a degree program in environmental conservation, wildlife biology, ecology or park management is typically offered at traditional on-campus colleges. Ohio State University, University of Florida and University of Minnesota are just a few of the schools that offer wildlife conservation degree programs.

  • Renewable Energy School: List of Schools with Degree Programs in Renewable Energy

    Renewable energy degree programs teach students to create and install alternative, self-regenerating energy systems powered by wind, sunlight, tidal waves, rain and other natural sources. Those interested in pursuing an education in the fast-growing field of renewable energy can find associate, bachelor's and master's degree programs at numerous 2- and 4-year institutions across the U.S.