Top 20 Undergraduate Internship Programs for College Students

Published Mar 16, 2009

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Internships don't have to be a waste of time. There are many good companies that offer excellent undergraduate internship programs for college students. Here are 20 worth checking out today.

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1) Microsoft

You don't have to be a computer wiz to internship at Microsoft--the company offers plenty of non-technical opportunities. Microsoft interns work for at least 12 weeks and are treated just like regular employees. Special benefits include paid travel, subsidized car rental, free training and software discounts.

2) PricewaterhouseCoopers

This accounting powerhouse offers a rewarding two-month internship program for college students. The work is challenging and there are many opportunities to learn on site and through online programs. PwC offers full-time employment to more than 50 percent of students who intern with the company.

3) Ernst and Young

Ernst and Young hires approximately 2,000 new interns each year. Business majors who participate in the company's program can look forward to full-time employment after graduation. Ernst and Young offers full-time positions to more than 90 percent of their interns.

4) IBM

IBM offers both technical and non-technical positions in many different U.S. cities. Students gain real-world experience, expense reimbursement and a number of other benefits that can't be found anywhere else. More than 50 percent of interns also receive full-time job offers after graduation.

5) General Electric

Interns at GE receive a competitive salary and the same benefits available to full-time employees. GE hires more than 2,000 interns each year and offers more than half of them full-time employment after graduation.

6) Disney

Disney offers paid internships at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, CA and Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. Students who participate can complete education courses and earn college credit as they work.

7) Deloitte

Deloitte and its subsidiaries provide summer internships and semester-based internships to undergraduate students. Interns get formal and on-the-job training. They also get a 'buddy' to guide them through their experience. Like many of the other companies on this list, Deloitte likes to hire interns after graduation. More than 90 percent of interns receive and accept job offers after completing their college education.

8) Nike

Nike offers 10-week internships in a wide range of areas, including product design, finance, marketing, human resources and management. The company provides a competitive salary along with benefits.

9) St Jude Medical

St Jude Medical offers both full and part-time internships to undergrads. Programs combine hands-on work experience and academic training. More than 75 percent of the students interning at St Jude Medical receive full-time employment offers after graduation.

10) Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs has an excellent summer internship program for undergraduate students. Interns are treated like actual employees and benefit from training at Goldman Sachs University. After graduating, more than 70 percent of interns are offered full-time employment.

11) Cisco

Cisco offers a wide range of technical and non-technical internship programs to undergraduate students. The company hires approximately 1,000 new interns each year and offers full-time employment to nearly 80 percent of them at a later date.

12) Amazon

  • Amazon Internship Program

Undergraduate students can apply for either technical or business internships at Amazon. Interns work on serious projects that matter and get the opportunity to attend Amazon's popular brown bag events. After graduation, more than 80 percent of students receive full-time job offers.

13) Boston Consulting Group

This leading consulting company has internships for undergraduate students in a range of disciplines. BCG offers full-time positions to more than 90 percent of their interns. Of the 90 percent, more than 80 percent accept job offers.

14) General Mills

General Mills has summer internships for students in finance, human resources, marketing, purchasing, research, sales, information systems and other disciplines. Interns work on challenging projects and can look forward to the possibility of employment after graduation. General Mills makes full-time job offers to nearly 80 percent of its interns.

15) National Grid

National Grid offers internships in accounting, business operations, engineering, finance and IT. Intern salaries are based on field of study and academic experience. More than 80 percent of the people hired by National Grid in recent years were former interns.

16) Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless offers a 12-week undergrad internship program. Jobs are available in customer service, finance, auditing, human resources, marketing, info technology, network engineering, retail and sales. More than 40 percent of students who intern at VZW receive full-time job offers after graduation.

17) Marriott International

Marriott provides paid internships in accounting, finance, catering, culinary arts, human resources, sales, restaurant management and hotel administration. Positions are available at locations across the country and overseas. Marriott hires hundreds of interns every year.

18) Apple

Apple offers internships to full-time undergrads who are studying marketing, finance, media arts or graphic design. The company also provides programs for tech students. Interns work on real-world projects and receive many of the same benefits as regular Apple employees.

19) CIA

Undergraduate students who intern with the Central Intelligence Agency receive competitive salaries and the benefits received by permanent employees. Internship opportunities are available for students of almost any major. And the chance of permanent employment is high. The CIA makes full-time job offers to over 70 percent of its interns.

20) Sun

  • Sun Internship Program

Sun offers internships in the San Francisco Bay Area, San Diego, Los Angeles and Austin. The company hires interns who are interested in working with Sun after graduation. Unlike most companies on this list, Sun offers students the opportunity to intern year round versus summer alone.

Featured School Choices:

  • Purdue Global

    Purdue Global responds quickly to information requests through this site.

    Suggested programs:
    • AASBA in Business
    • BS in Communication
    • BS in Criminal Justice - Socially Responsible Leadership
    • Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice
    • Bachelor of Science in Psychology
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  • Grand Canyon University

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    • BS in Psychology
    • B.S. in Psychology with an Emphasis in Performance and Sports Psychology
    • Bachelor of Arts in Communications with an Emphasis in Interpersonal Communication and Human Relationships
    • B.S. in Business Administration
    • BA in Digital Film - Screenwriting
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  • Bryant & Stratton College

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    Suggested programs:
    • Bachelor's Degree in General Management
    • Criminal Justice Studies - AAS
    • Associate's Degree in Business
    • Associate's Degree in Criminal Justice
    • Associate's Degree in Accounting
  • Saint Leo University

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    Suggested programs:
    • BA: Criminal Justice
    • BA: Criminal Justice - Criminalistics
    • BA: Psychology
    • BA: Psychology - General
    • BS: Computer Science
  • Universal Technical Institute

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    • Aviation Maintenance AAS
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  • Full Sail University

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    • Sportscasting Bachelors - Campus
    • Bachelor of Science - Software Development
    • Communications Bachelors with Creative Writing Concentration - Campus
    • Film Production Masters - Campus
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