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Published Jan 15, 2009

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'The Structure of Engineering Revolutions' OpenCourseWare from MIT deals with a hands-on approach to technological development by researching every aspect of an engineering project, startup company or emerging technology. This course would be of interest to all engineering students and was part of the doctorate program offered by the Program in Science, Technology and Society (STS) at MIT.

The Structure of Engineering Revolutions: Course Specifics

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The Structure of Engineering Revolutions: Course Description

'The Structure of Engineering Revolutions' OpenCourseWare examines technological innovations and inventions from many different angles, such as cultural, political, financial and technical. Instead of only looking at past achievement, the actual MIT course encouraged students to research a current technological company or development. Students needed to evaluate patents, read lab notebooks, watch engineers at work and conduct interviews in order to complete their research. The original course considered topics, such as understanding patents, group work, collaborative writing, innovation, marketplace, engineers in action, invention, engineering culture and technological system construction among other topics. Professor David A. Mindell originally taught the course in lecture format. It was offered through the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and STS (Program in Science, Technology and Society).

'The Structure of Engineering Revolutions' OpenCourseWare includes assignments (including the final project assignment), two students' final project papers, research links and a reading list. If you are an engineer and are interested in investigating this course further, visit the real world and engineering practices course page.

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