Online Creative Writing Degree: Career Options for Graduates with an Online Degree in Creative Writing

Published Aug 14, 2009

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Graduates of an online Creative Writing program often seek employment with book, magazine and literary journal publishers. But other industries, such as advertising, marketing and online publishing, also need creative writers. Read on to find out what your career options are with an associate's, bachelor's or master's degree in Creative Writing.

Associate's Degree in Creative Writing Career Summary

Graduates of an online associate's degree program in Creative Writing are most likely to find entry-level work as editorial assistants with smaller publishing houses, community publications, nonprofit magazines and websites. In smaller companies, editorial assistants frequently have more opportunity to write than they may have in larger companies, where the job may be largely secretarial. As with all degree levels, graduates also have the option of becoming freelance writers, choosing the freedom to express their creativity over the security of a regular paycheck.

Bachelor's Degree in Creative Writing Career Summary

With an online bachelor's degree in Creative Writing, graduates can pursue employment with major publishing houses as well as corporations, nonprofits and associations that produce in-house publications. Arts-related companies and institutions, such as movie studios, theatrical companies and museums, also need creative writers. In addition, creative writers with a 4-year degree are qualified for many positions in a variety of industries that require excellent communication skills, such as advertising, public relations, marketing and promotion, as well as broadcasting, where they may find employment as scriptwriters.

Master's Degree in Creative Writing Career Summary

A master's degree in Creative Writing enables graduates to seek writing instruction jobs with 2-year colleges and postsecondary online schools. In addition, graduates are often in demand as adjunct or guest writing instructors at writers' conferences, seminars, institutes and retreats, providing freelancers with a somewhat predictable income that supports their private writing time. One of the highest-paying jobs for creative writers is that of speechwriter and ghostwriter for politicians and corporate executives.

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