Home Economics Degree: Career Options for Graduates with a Degree in Home Economics

Published Sep 11, 2009

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Each day fashion designers, dieticians, concierges, interior designers, child development professionals and teachers utilize Home Economic degrees. This degree is also referred to as family and consumer science. Depending on whether one holds an associate's, bachelor's or master's degree, Home Economic professionals are open to a wide range of careers in a number of industries.

Associate's Degree in Home Economics Career Summary

Individuals who have an associate's degree in Home Economics may find entry-level employment in a number of different industries, such as fashion design, hospitality, nutrition, human development and family studies. Graduates hold positions as junior fashion designers, assistant food service directors or dieticians. An associate's degree offers a solid foundation for Home Economic professionals looking to gain practical experience before furthering their education.

Bachelor's Degree in Home Economics Career Summary

A bachelor's degree in Home Economics or family and consumer science offers similar career options as an associate's degree. However, professionals with a bachelor's degree have better opportunity for future career advancement.

Fashion design, family studies, hospitality and education are all viable avenues for employment for someone with a bachelor's degree in Home Economics. For example, restaurants, institutions and schools need food service directors to plan menus, supervise staff, balance budgets and order supplies. In addition, schools need Home Economics teachers to teach related curriculum to students. Government offices and hospitals need Home Economic professionals, such as a human studies counselor, who specialize in family studies and child development.

Master's Degree in Home Economics Career Summary

Master's degree programs in Home Economics are geared toward working professionals in pursuit of career advancement as well as students pursuing doctoral degrees in family and consumer science. Home Economic master's degree programs specialize in child development, fashion design, hospitality, tourism, family studies, food and nutrition.

For example, a master's degree in Home Economics with a specialty in apparel studies prepares senior designers to better understand consumer trends and forecast buyer demands. A master's degree program in hospitality, food and nutrition, child development or Home Economics education prepares professionals to enter academia as professors. It may also enable one to secure a top-management position at a large, tourism-focused resort.

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