Economic History OpenCourseWare: A Free MIT Graduate Study Course on World Economic History

Published Feb 19, 2009

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Gain valuable information about the economic history of the United States, Great Britain and France with this free OpenCourseWare class about Economics from MIT. 'Economic History' contains a variety of useful reference and study materials. This information can be helpful to students preparing for a graduate degree in Economics, whether or not they attend the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Economic History: Course Specifics

Degree Level Free Audio Video Downloads
Graduate Yes No No Yes

Lectures/Notes Study Materials Tests/Quizzes
No Yes No

Economic History: Course Description

Historical data and statistics are vital to the study of Economics. This OpenCourseWare from MIT in Cambridge serves as a resource for the study of economic history, especially the economies of America, Britain and France from the 19th century to today. Professors Dora Costa and Peter Temin present students with links to websites and databases containing census data, voting data, tax records and more. They also provide suggestions for books that can act as further sources of historical data. This information can support students' research on subjects such as the effect of industrialization and the history of the labor market. The information here can be used as a resource for graduate students writing papers on economic history.

A list of readings and links to historical databases are available online from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology website. For more information about this free course material, visit the economic history course page.

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