Computer Security Degree Info - Master Degree Review

Published Nov 13, 2006

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A Computer Security Master Degree combines computer technology skills with contemplation of the ethical, legal and public policy aspects of privacy and information protection. A Computer Security Master Degree Program provides solid training for students who wish to move forward in their careers as information system security specialists.

Computer Security Master Degree Overview

Summary of the Degree

A Computer Security Master Degree Program includes courses pertaining to technical, business, ethical and administrative aspects of security, which includes risk management and real-world problems of homeland security. Some of the more general courses mandatory in a Computer Security Master Degree Program include:

  • Networking Systems Security
  • Legal Ramifications of Computer Security and Information Policy
  • Secure Data Transfer and Storage
  • Security Risk Management
  • Computer Forensics and Incident
  • Malicious Software
  • Perimeter Protection
  • Internet Protection
  • Applied Wireless Network Security

Career Fields

According to the U.S. Department of Labor most employment of computer support specialists including computer security is expected to increase substantially for all positions in the field. The growth will not be massive, but the increase will reflect the rapid pace of improved technology and demand for information security.

Occupational Outlook

Internationally renowned security technologist and author, Bruce Schneier (, conducted a survey in the United States on computer information security jobs. Schneier's survey disclosed that a senior security executive with a title like chief information security officer, chief risk officer, or chief privacy officer earns an average annual salary with bonus of $106,326 while a technical security professional with a title like network architect, security analyst/consultant or security auditor earns an average annual salary with bonus of $75.275. Schneier further disclosed that far more pay goes to master degree holders than not.

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