Computer Science Bachelor's Degree

Published Aug 29, 2006

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Individuals interested in the technical aspects of computers and technology should strongly consider earning Computer Science Bachelor's degrees. With a Computer Science Bachelor's degree, you'll be qualified for a career in software, computational science, networking, database management, information systems and electronic commerce.

Degree Description

A Bachelor's degree in Computer Science is setup to give students a good understanding of topics in computer science and computer engineering through a combination of education and training. A good program should offer students access to hands-on labs using common industry equipment. An undergraduate internship experience is also very helpful, and leads to greater career opportunities after graduation.

Degree Courses

Although coursework differs between programs and schools, the following courses may be included in a Computer Science Bachelor's degree program:

  • Files and Database Management
  • Basic and Advanced Calculus
  • Calculus Based Physics
  • Basic Programming Courses
  • WWW Programming
  • Java Programming
  • Internet Protocols and Services
  • Natural Language Processing Application

Why earn a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science?

Database administration and computer science are anticipated to be two of the fastest growing fields through to 2014, with 28% faster growth than average industries (Bureau of Labor Statistics). Companies are searching for technical individuals to work in software development, database administration, network development, and information systems management. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, computer science bachelor's degree graduates had starting offers averaging around $50k annually in 2005.

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