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Published Nov 07, 2006

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A bachelor's degree in Computer Graphics will prepare you to become a multimedia designer. Graduates of a Computer Graphics bachelor's degree program you may find employment in television, video game design, the motion picture industry or the software industry.

Summary of a Computer Graphics Bachelor's Degree Program

Students in a bachelor's degree program for Computer Graphics will become technical experts in digital mediums and learn skills needed to create unique images, graphics and video files. Upon graduation students will also be skilled in the graphics field which includes gaming, desktop and Web publishing, interactive digital media and visual effects.

Specific Skills You Will Learn

The demand for high-tech digital media continues to rise as audiences become more sophisticated. As a skilled computer graphic designer you will have the knowledge and skills to add realistic life to visual effects, restore 2D images and create 3D objects. Graduates will be highly skilled in computer software such as Macromedia Flash, Dreamweaver and Maya.

Typical Coursework

Though required coursework varies depending on the college, common areas of study in a Computer Graphics bachelor's degree programs include:

  • Raster Images for Computer Graphics
  • Structured C++ Programming
  • Vector Imaging for Computer Graphics
  • Design for Visualization and Communication

Career Related Information

Career Fields You Will Be Prepared to Enter

In choosing to earn a degree in Computer Graphics you will be entering into a highly skilled and rewarding career field. A Computer Graphics degree combines art and technology and future designers working in the field will be recognized as highly creative industry leaders. They will have received specialized training in the industry's latest design software and digital media equipment.

Occupational Outlook For Computer Graphic Design Including Salary Information

According to,, the annual wage for computer graphic designers fluctuates between $75,104 and $102,312 depending on the size of the company and region. According to, there is a strong bridge between computer graphics and video game design. This connection secures the future of graphic designers in multi-media and 3D design. Although the field is fiercely competitive career opportunities continue to grow for talented artists.

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