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Published Nov 19, 2006

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A Master's Degree in Computer Animation prepares students for a career in animation within film, television, or video and computer games. A Computer Animation master's degree offers students a program that touches on classical and computer animation. Students who earn a master degree in Computer Animation can further their careers in film, television, video and computer games, e-commerce, digital publishing and manufacturing.

Computer Animation Master's Degree Overview:

Summary of the Degree:

A Computer Animation Master's Degree program includes courses in animation from conception through realization. Students will obtain an understanding of the history of the medium and its artistic quality as well as learn how to help creative directors in setting up an animation scene, design lighting and figures for animation. Students will also learn technical skills for harnessing game engines and writing plug-ins.

Typical Coursework:

Some of the more general courses mandatory in a Computer Animation Master Degree Program includes:

  • Basic Motion Picture Applications for Animators
  • Screenwriting Fundamentals
  • Film, Video and Computer Animation
  • History of Animation
  • Contemporary Animation
  • Animation Production
  • Theory of Animation
  • Film and Related Art

Career Fields:

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, employment of graduates trained in Computer Animation is predicted to expand substantially in such fields as advertising, public relations, publishing and design firms, film, television and video and computer games. Graduates of a Computer Animation master's degree program may find careers such as a multi-media artist, graphic designer, animator or art director.

Occupational Outlook:

Computer animation jobs are in high demand. According to Wall Street Journal the most desired animation jobs are with large Hollywood companies that are involved with animation for movies, the Internet, videos and computer games. Pixar Animation Studios, DreamWorks Animation, Sony, Twentieth Century Fox, Lucasfilm Ltd and Walt Disney Co. are all grabbing a piece of the animation action. Animation salaries are competitive but average around $42,512 to $190,000.

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