Liberal Studies and Humanities

  • Criminology and Criminalistics Degree Review - Bachelor Degree Information

    A Bachelors degree in Criminology and Criminalistics will teach you the investigative skills you need to begin your career. With a Bachelors degree, graduates will have their choice of working in a variety of areas in law enforcement ranging from police laboratories to district attorney's offices and federal agencies.

  • Cultural Studies Degree Summary - Bachelor Degree Information

    A Cultural Studies degree program explores and analyzes images, texts, art works and sign systems. With a Bachelors degree you will be recruited for work in the cultural sector (publishing, the media, arts and cultural institutions)for teaching, study, and research.

  • Fashion Apparel Design Degree Program Info - Bachelor Degree Review

    A Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Apparel Design prepares you for a career in the fashion industry. Possible careers after completion of a BA in Fashion Apparel Design include technical designer, illustrator, merchandiser, textiles specialist, fashion market analyst, or wardrobe consultant.

  • General Studies Degree Info - Bachelor Degree Review

    A General Studies Bachelor Degree meets the needs of students with unique interests, circumstances or goals. A bachelor degree in General Studies enables students to start their careers in journalism, education and government law and, if desired, continue their education toward a master degree.