Undergraduate Forestry OpenCourseWare

  • Forestry (Avalanche and Snow Dynamics) OpenCourseWare: USU's Free Undergraduate Forestry Course

    USU offers a free 'Avalanche and Snow Dynamics' course. This OpenCourseWare gives students an overview on the causes of avalanches and what methods authorities follow to conduct safe and effective rescue missions. All students interested in wilderness safety are encouraged to take advantage of this free undergraduate-level course.

  • Forestry (Wildland Fire Management) OpenCourseWare: A Free Bachelor Level Forestry Class by USU

    For USU students who are intrigued by the unpredictability of fires and want to better understand them, the university's Wildland Resources course program offers the 'Wildland Fire Management and Planning' course. This undergraduate-level OpenCourseWare focuses on the mathematical models and technologies that allow for a better understanding of the nature of a fire, its origins and behaviors. The environmental factors that impact a fire's intensity or lack thereof are explored in this course as well. Students studying Forestry, Wildlife Science and related fields are encouraged to take advantage of this free class.