Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins University offers flexible online master's degree programs and post-bachelor's and post-master's certificates in a variety of subjects. Keep reading to learn more about these programs.

Johns Hopkins University Offers:

  • Flexible online programs
  • Accomplished instructors
  • Interaction with professors and classmates

Explore Johns Hopkins University

Students can earn a master's degree, and post-bachelor's or post-master's certificates online through Johns Hopkins University Advanced Academic Programs. These online programs, are available in fields of study such as biotechnology, communication, economics, energy and environmental science, geographic information systems, governmental studies, liberal arts, museum studies, science, security and technology.

The accomplished professors of Johns Hopkins University teach these programs. Utilizing a course management system, students will be able to communicate with their professors, as well as their classmates. Students interact through discussion boards, group assignments and occasional live online events.

Students complete their assignments through the course management system, which affords them the flexibility to pursue their degree from any location and at any time.

Student Testimonials

'Over the course of this semester, I have learned a number of skills, gained a great deal of knowledge, and put into practice core principles that are essential to success in both the public and private sectors…and that just so happened to coincide with my rise into a managerial position in my company.' -Sean G.

'I have very much enjoyed this course and the diverse perspectives my classmates have provided. I look forward to applying these lessons from class to the real world.' -Allison K.