City University of Seattle

Degree levels found at City University of Seattle:

  • Certificate - Diploma,
  • Graduate,
  • Post-Degree Certificate,
  • Undergraduate - Programs

Degree programs found at City University of Seattle include:

  • Business Administration Programs
    • Accounting and Auditing
    • Business Administrative Support Services
    • Business and Finance Studies
    • Business Marketing Mgmt. and Research
    • Business Operations Mgmt. Studies
    • Specialized Sales and Merchandising
  • Computer Sciences Training
    • Computer Science - Information Technology
    • Information Technologies Management
  • Education Degrees & Programs
    • English as a Second Language Teaching
    • Instruction and Curriculum Design
    • School Administration Studies
    • Special ED Teaching Training
    • Student Counseling Degrees
    • Teacher Education for Different Grade Levels
    • Teaching Specific Subject Areas Degrees
  • Health Services and Medical Professions
    • Health Administrative Services Studies
    • Mental and Emotional Health Services
  • Liberal Studies and Humanities
    • General Studies in the Humanities and Liberal Arts
2017. City University of Seattle is a nonprofit university affiliated with the National University System and an EO institution accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.