California InterContinental University

California InterContinental University provides students with personalized support as they work towards a degree. Keep reading to learn more about California InterContinental University.

Information About California InterContinental University

California InterContinental University, also known as CalUniversity, uses state-of-the-art, up-to-date curriculum that focuses on the student. Students can pursue their studies 100% online through bachelor's, master's or doctorate degree programs in areas such as business administration, management, healthcare and information technology to name a few. CalUniversity prepare students who enroll in its programs to contribute to diverse business communities and to be critical thinkers within thriving business environments.

CalUniversity has accelerated learning options available to students, which could result in students being able to earn their degree in as little as 15 to 24 months. In addition, the university accepts transfer credits and may award credits for professional life experiences.

CalUniversity provides support to its students through its Academic Mentoring program. Through this program, students are paired with an academic mentor who helps them succeed as they pursue their degree.

California InterContinental University Offers:

  • Accelerated learning options so a degree can be earned in 15-24 months.
  • Flexible payment options and 0% financing.
  • Personalized support to all students.
  • State of the art, up-to-date curriculum.

Student Testimonials

'I began doctoral studies in order to fulfill my ambition to become a doctor, and in the process, become better prepared for classroom teaching and research in business. I would be a very disappointed person if I got to old age without achieving this aspiration. I painfully funded tuition payments from my pocket, but I am grateful to CalUniversity for the part-scholarship awarded to me during the early part of the program.' -Alumnus Arthur Mazhambe

'From the first day that I applied at CalUniversity, I knew it was the right decision. The staff members immediately responded to my questions and concerns and even rendered additional information without being asked. They were always available, and keep me abreast on updates, scholarships, and my courses.' -DBA Student Rebecca Scott Young

Minimum Eligibility Requirements

Applicants applying for entrance into CalU's master's degree programs must have already earned a bachelor's degree with a minimum GPA of 2.0. Applicants applying to doctorate programs must have already earned a master's degree with a minimum GPA of 3.0. Please call for more detailed information. CalU also offers dual programs; please discuss minimum eligibility requirements with an admissions advisor.