Video Game Animation: Education and Job Training Requirements for Becoming a Video Game Animator

Published Oct 27, 2009

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Game designers, interactive developers, concept artists and flash developers utilize degrees in video game animation. Most of these professionals complete a bachelor's degree program in video game animation or interactive game design. Read on to learn more about the education and job training required to become a video game animator.

Video Game Animator Career Summary

Video game animators bring life to digital gaming software for various gaming platforms, such as Wii, Xbox and Playstation. They also develop interactive online games and interactive mobile applications. Most video game animators hone their skills by completing a bachelor's degree program. These graduates find positions as concept artists, creative directors, video game designers, flash developers or interactive game designers.

Animators interested in advancing their skills and career often complete a graduate degree program in video game animation or interactive game design. Graduates of this degree program often find themselves overseeing the production of video games, the implementation of interactive design applications or the management of game and animation development companies.

Education Required to Become a Video Game Animator

A bachelor's degree in video game animation is the predominant degree level for video game animators. This degree program prepares students to conceptualize, design and implement animation for video games and other interactive applications. A bachelor's degree program in video game animation includes courses in game design art, game design programming, computer art applications, dynamic media design and interactive design and game development. Students also study drawing, color theory and 2-D and 3-D design. Students spend much of their time in a studio setting where they gain lots of practical, hands-on experience.

Job Training and Certification Required to Become a Video Game Animator

Many video game animation degree programs require the students to participate in supervised, studio-style courses during the final year. In this studio practicum, students are immersed in day-to-day operations of video game animation and development. Often students must conceptualize animation for a video game, draw or model its form and then bring it to life digitally through appropriate animation technologies. Upon completion, students have a complete video game animation portfolio to show future employers.

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