Speech Pathology Online Graduate Programs: Requirements to Complete an Online Graduate Degree in Speech Pathology

Published Sep 14, 2009

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Online master's degree programs in Speech Pathology require students to complete a rigorous slate of coursework and clinical study. This article explains what it takes to get admitted to an online graduate program in Speech Pathology and describes the work you can expect as you earn your degree.

Enrolling in a Speech Pathology Online Graduate Program

The heart of any Speech Pathology master's degree program lies in clinical field work. For this reason, there are no exclusively online graduate degree programs in Speech Pathology. However, there are distance learning classes available in this field for those who can't be away from home or work for months at a time.

As with most other graduate degree programs, admission to a master's degree program in Speech Pathology requires successful completion of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). Many Speech Pathology master's programs also mandate that students hold bachelor's degrees in Speech Pathology or a related field, or that students with undergraduate degrees in other disciplines take leveling courses to cover required materials. Most graduate schools also request letters of recommendation.

Completing a Speech Pathology Online Graduate Program

Online Speech Pathology master's degree programs tend to be longer than other graduate programs, with most taking three or more years, including summer semesters, to complete. This length is due to clinical requirements for Speech Pathology majors. The bulk of field study is completed during summer semesters, during which students become full-time Speech Pathology interns.

Most online master's programs in Speech Pathology are part-time during the fall and spring semesters, allowing students to work full-time while pursuing their degrees. Courses in a Speech Pathology master's program introduce topics such as dysphagia, stuttering and speech patterns of children. Aspiring Speech Pathologists then apply what they've learned during summer internships. Skills learned through Speech Pathology classes and clinical experience prepare students to pursue licensure to practice in their home states, along with certification from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, www.asha.org.

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