Special Effects Degree: Course Curriculum for a Special Effects Degree Program

Published Sep 13, 2009

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Because of the popularity of digital technologies, special effects degree programs are emerging as a sought-after major at colleges and universities. These programs can also be called animation or media arts degree programs, and are designed to help students prepare for careers in animation, digital art and video game development.

Course Curriculum for an Associates in Special Effects

An Associate of Science degree in Special Effects typically takes two years to complete. Students can start by taking general education courses such as math and English literature. Other classes that could be required are graphic design, digital imaging and computer graphic art courses. Once the degree program is complete, students are prepared for entry-level work as digital artists, computer animators or media arts production assistants. Classes that may be in an associate degree program for special effects include Introduction to Digital Art Imaging and Storyboard and Character Development.

Course Curriculum for a Bachelor's in Special Effects

A Bachelor of Science degree in Special Effects exposes students to courses that help them develop, design and animate characters or products for television, film and video game production. A bachelor degree program in special effects may include courses in web-based graphics, web animation and history of animation, and takes about four years to complete. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, www.bls.gov, bachelor degree holders in special effects have more employment opportunities than those with associate degrees.

Course Curriculum for a Master's in Special Effects

A Master of Science degree in Special Effects emphasizes advanced technical study and practices of digital and computer animation. Many students who complete this degree advance their careers in special effects or media arts as art directors or multimedia professors. Students in a master's degree program in special effects take advanced classes in 3D animation techniques, film animation and television animation. Admission into an M.S. in Special Effects degree generally requires a bachelor's degree, and the master's degree program takes between one and two years to complete.

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