Special Effects: Career Outlook for the Special Effects Professions

Published Sep 12, 2009

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Special effects professionals contribute their unique talents to the entertainment industry, creating special makeup effects or producing technical sound and video effects. The career outlook for special effects professions is generally favorable; however, competition will be tough. Take a look at this article if you think you have what it takes to make it in Hollywood!

Multimedia Artists and Animators Overview and Career Outlook

Animators and multimedia artists work in the motion picture industry, using computers to create animated images and special effects for video games, movies, commercials and television. According to 2006 predictions by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), www.bls.gov, there will be faster than average growth for multimedia artists and animators through 2016. Job competition will be tough with many aspiring artists and animators. Still, a large demand for these workers is predicted because consumers expect more realistic and advanced animation.

Sound Engineering Technicians Overview and Career Outlook

Sound engineering technicians work in the sound effects portion of the special effects industry, using specialized equipment to record and alter music, voices and sound effects for entertainment productions. The U.S. government predicted plentiful positions in towns or small cities, such as at local radio or TV stations. Opportunities for sound engineering technicians are predicted to grow by 17% between 2006 and 2016, which is faster than the average for all jobs, observed the BLS.

Theatrical Makeup Artists Overview and Career Outlook

Theatrical makeup artists work in live or recorded entertainment, enhancing the appearance of actors and actresses. These artists create makeup for scenes requiring special effects, developing masks for monsters or creating the illusion of injuries. In 2006, the BLS noted that this special effects profession should see faster than average growth, making the career outlook good.

Video Editors Overview and Career Outlook

Video editors help create films and movies by inserting music, dialogue and sound effects. Their duties also involve splicing scenes together to create an entire piece. Demand for video editors will grow by about 12%, which is only as fast as average in comparison to other careers, reported the BLS' 2006 statistics. Job openings will be hard to secure because of the popularity of this career.

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