Research Topics in Architecture (Citizen-Centered Design of Open Governance Systems) OpenCourseWare: Graduate Level Free Online Course by MIT

Published Jan 05, 2009

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'Research Topics in Architecture: Citizen-Centered Design of Open Governance Systems' is a free graduate-level online course offered by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) as part of its OpenCourseWare initiative. In the original course, candidates for a master's degree in Architecture designed an online environment in which large organizations can make bottom-up decisions, such as deciding on town budgets and property tax rates.

Research Topics in Architecture: Citizen-Centered Design of Open Governance Systems: Course Specifics

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Research Topics in Architecture: Citizen-Centered Design of Open Governance Systems: Course Description

In this seminar, students design an online environment that allows self-governing communities, including local governments, labor unions and corporate boards, to enable users who are virtually present through the Internet to fully participate in the decision-making process. Graduate students participating in this master's level architecture seminar at MIT worked as a team to accomplish three objectives: First, students developed the design concept and models for an online Participatory Governance Environment website. Second, they created working open-source code that implements their design concept. Third, they worked closely with New England local governments to gather requirements and test usability of the design. The project team uses Massachusetts' local form of government, known as 'Open Town Meeting,' to model the design. The Open Town Meeting concept requires all interested townspeople to gather once a year and make decisions on basic issues like property tax rates, budgets and zoning issues. This project-based seminar is taught by MIT Professor William Mitchell and lecturer Daniel Greenwood.

This course includes selected online reading material, lecture notes and project presentation examples. If you are interested in taking this free course, visit the citizen-centered design of open governance systems page.

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