Media Production Degree: Career Options for Graduates with a Degree in Media Production

Published Nov 05, 2009

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A media production degree program is aimed at the people looking to get behind a camera or into a sound control booth. These degree programs also train people to producing video games and computer graphics. Media production skills make the performers look and sound good by using technology that captures, transmits and enhances audio and video signals. Read on for more information about career options available to graduates with a degree in media production.

Associate's Degree in Media Production Career Options

An associate's degree in media production may also be known as digital video production, broadcast engineering technology or communication arts technology. Completion of the degree program introduces students to the latest techniques and concepts in the fields of graphic design, video production, animation, 3D modeling, gaming and web design.

Careers in media production can involve setting up and operating various types of video and audio equipment, such as monitors, recording devices, microphones, speakers and video screens. An associate's degree program prepares graduates for entry-level positions or internships in many digital and real-world informational or entertainment production venues.

Bachelor's Degree in Media Production Career Options

Bachelor's degree programs in media production usually carry more specialized emphases in the field than associate's degree programs do. Students looking to earn a 4-year degree in media production often specialize in digital media production, television production, radio production and more. Bachelor's degree program graduates can go on to careers at television and radio stations, media design firms and audio production studios. Graduates often work as production assistants in these areas, and they produce various form of media, from corporate training videos to on-air broadcasts.

Master's Degree in Media Production Career Options

A master's degree program in educational media technology may be undertaken by media educators who want to add interest to educational materials. A graduate degree program may also be completed by cinematographers, editors, screenwriters, directors and video game developers. Graduate-level courses in the video game end of media production may include writing code and creating imaginative actions and backgrounds for game consoles of the future.

For media-knowledgeable individuals interested in the production of full-length films, graduate-level degree programs are available. One example is a Master of Fine Arts in Documentary Film Production.

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