Journalism Classes Online: Overview of Common Online Journalism Courses and Classes

Published Nov 04, 2009

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If you are fascinated by the news and want to be a part of an exciting and challenging industry, a career in journalism may be for you. Taking online courses in journalism will help to sharpen your communication skills and improve your news reporting. Read on for more information about some of the common online courses available to interested in becoming journalists.

Coursework for an Online Bachelor's Degree in Journalism

The University of Massachusetts Amherst University Without Walls (UWW) offers an online bachelor's degree in journalism studies. Up to 60 hours of coursework toward the journalism studies concentration are available online through UWW. Students are encouraged to design their own programs that may combine their previous life experiences credits and transfer credits from other universities.

Classes in disaster and war journalism, global energy journalism, human interest journalism and political journalism are a few examples of specialty areas available to interested students. Students may also complete classes in travel, food, business and entertainment journalism.

Students study online with professional journalists and instructors. Online classes may include topics not available through programs on campus. Course delivery may be online, live or a combination of both. Some typical classes included in a bachelor's degree program include:

  • Digital image journalism: Students use their creative abilities to experiment with the production of photographic images that present news stories.
  • Design and layout: This class prepares students for combining pictures, type and other elements to create effective page layouts for newspapers and magazines
  • Editorial Studies: Journalism students learn the fundamentals of grammar, Associated Press style and punctuation. Editing for space requirements and pleasing appearance are also covered in the coursework.

Online Graduate Courses in Journalism

Master's degree programs in journalism, such as the one at University of Memphis Online are often intended for working professionals. Students focus on the theory and philosophy of journalism and on global perspectives in journalism. Coursework is delivered using real-time conference software.

Students must attend class meetings and are expected to complete research papers and tests online. A few common graduate level courses needed for a journalism master's degree are listed below.

  • Communication law: Students study the law related to First Amendment policies and how it relates to journalism.
  • Language Use: Journalism students refine and polish the written word through in-depth review and criticism of sample articles.
  • Diversity in media: Students explore sensitive social and cultural issues as they relate to gender, race and minorities.

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