Journalism Bachelor's Degree

Published Aug 29, 2006

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Individuals interested in careers in journalism or broadcasting should read this article to see if Journalism Bachelor's degrees are right for them. With a Journalism Bachelor's degree, a graduate will be trained to work as a writer, correspondent or editor in the new and entertainment media industry.

Degree Description

A Journalism Bachelor's degree is designed to give students the skills needed for careers in journalism, broadcasting, reporting, writing and editing. A good program will give graduates practical education in journalism and writing along with the training and hands-on experience to find success directly in the work force. Possible careers include writing and editing for newspapers, magazines and publishers, investigative reporting and web communications.

Degree Courses

Although each degree is different, most Journalism Bachelor's degrees require extensive writing and communications coursework. Examples of such coursework include:

  • Media Writing
  • Visual Communication
  • Print Journalism Writing
  • Broadcast News
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Communication Theory
  • Broadcast Journalism Writing
  • Editing
  • Reporting Research

Benefits of a Journalism Bachelor's Degree

Although employment of reporters and correspondents is expected to grow more slowly than average through 2014, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is still strong reason to consider a Journalism Bachelor's degree. Because of technology advancements, fewer correspondents, writers, reporters, news analysts and editors are required in the news room, but technology is also opening up new media for journalism majors and graduates can now find work for online newspapers and magazines.

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