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Published Dec 12, 2006

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A Health Administration Doctorate Degree can advance a student's education in healthcare administration by teaching how to plan, direct and organize medicine and health services in hospitals, clinics, managed care facilities and public health agencies. A doctorate degree in Health Administration enables students to further their careers as medical group managers, chief administrators of large hospitals, and managers of medical clinics.

A Health Administration Doctorate Degree Overview

Summary of the Degree

A Health Administration Doctorate Degree provides organizational and leadership skills for those students who have or would like a career in healthcare administration. Students obtain the advanced knowledge required to manage a clinic, hospital or medical group. Some of the more general courses mandatory in a Health Administration Doctorate Degree Program include:

  • Planning for Healthcare
  • Health Professions Statistics and Probability
  • Population and Health
  • Quantitative Evaluation in Health Organizations
  • Current Issues in Health
  • Health Systems Theory and Practice
  • Communication in Health Organizations
  • Healthcare Ethics, Regulations and Law
  • Health Money Management
  • Quality Planning and Analysis
  • Healthcare Policy and Politics
  • Health Information Systems and Technology
  • Strategic Planning in Healthcare
  • Leadership Application

Career Fields

According to U.S. Department of Labor,, overall job opportunities in healthcare administration are predicted to grow at a healthy rate, but competition at the highest echelon is expected because of high pay and prestige. Those with previous work experience and a graduate degree are likely to take precedence over other candidates when it comes to making hiring decisions.

Occupational Outlook

According to a health care salary survey conducted by the Economic Research Institute,, a hospital administrator's median salary at the entry level is $171,852, at the mid-career level is $298,670 and at a highly experienced level is $454,778.

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