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Published Feb 18, 2009

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This OpenCourseWare project by Open University looks at four predictive tests that involve genetic testing along with moral and ethical issues associated with the tests. 'Gene Testing' is a 4-hour introductory course that may be taken by biology, biochemistry or pre-med students.

Gene Testing: Course Specifics

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Gene Testing: Course Specifics

Genetic testing holds a great deal of potential in the current and future diagnoses of many major genetically inherited illness and is commonly used in medical practices around the world. The 4-hour Open University course explores genetic testing in both a medical and ethical context, distinguishing between the different types of testing, as well as examining the role of genetic counseling in the field.

The course starts by looking at genetic counselors, who help patients make an informed decision about testing by providing them with medical facts and unbiased support. It then continues on to study pre-natal diagnosis genetic testing. This is the testing of a fetus while still in the womb for various problems, such as Down's syndrome.

Genetic testing in children, a sometimes controversial process, that involves screening children for possible illnesses that may occur in the future, is reviewed next. Finally, this course focuses on adult genetic testing, separately discussing testing for single-gene and multi-factorial disorders.

'Gene Testing' includes lectures, questions and answers, tables and figures. Individuals interested in discovering more about 'Gene Testing' can visit the gene testing course page.

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