Food Service Management Degree: Requirements

Published Aug 27, 2009

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Degree programs in Food Service Management train students for careers coordinating kitchen, service and support staff at restaurants or other outlets proving food service. While a degree is not always mandatory for a career in Food Service Management, many employers prefer it. Degrees are offered at schools throughout the U.S. at the associate's, bachelor's and graduate degree level. The following article provides information about the requirements for Food Service Management degrees.

Requirements for an Associate's Degree in Food Service Management

An associate's degree in Food Service Management provides the essential skills required for entry-level jobs in the profession. These include those in basic accounting, food service sanitation and safety, marketing principles, human resources, management techniques and customer service. Restaurant management, nutrition and menu planning may also be covered. Associate's degrees take an average of two years to complete. Internship programs may be offered to provide students with hands-on experience.

Requirements for a Bachelor's Degree in Food Service Management

Bachelor's degree programs in Food Service Management provide a solid foundation in industry skills combined with a liberal arts education. Programs are designed for students serious about front-of-house-management careers in the restaurant and food service industry. Students may receive some culinary training in addition to courses in sanitation and safety, marketing, management and human resources. Bachelor's degrees usually take four years to complete.

Requirements for a Master's Degree in Food Service Management

A master's degree in the Food Service Management Industry may expand into topics of hospitality management. In addition to courses in food services management, marketing and sanitation, students may take courses in labor law, workforce management and computer information systems used in the industry. A master's degree takes an average two years of study in addition to a bachelor's degree. Some programs require a research project to complete the degree.

Requirements for a Doctorate Degree in Food Service Management

Ph.D.'s in the areas of Food Service Management usually also encompass hospitality management as well. Degrees at the doctorate level are often focused on research and are geared toward students wishing to pursue a research-related or academic career. In addition to courses in the area of Food Service Management, student study statistics, research methods and research design. Most Ph.D. programs require a dissertation.

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