Evolution of the Immune System OpenCourseWare: A Free Undergraduate Biology Course by MIT on the Study of the Immune System

Published Feb 03, 2009

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'Evolution of the Immune System' is a free OpenCourseWare class offered by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). This class is geared towards undergraduates studying for a Bachelor of Science in Biology and presents an overview of how the defense mechanisms used by single-celled organisms developed into complex, adaptive mammalian immune systems.

Evolution of the Immune System: Course Specifics

Degree Level Free Audio Video Downloads
Undergraduate Yes No No Yes

Lectures/Notes Study Materials Tests/Quizzes
No Yes No

Evolution of the Immune System: Course Details

If you have a keen interest in biology and human health, then you may find 'Evolution of the Immune System' intriguing. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) offers this free course. It is based on lectures developed by MIT biology Professors Nadia Danilova and Susann Beetz and delves into the development of the immune system over the course of animal and human evolution. This course covers the methods that the immune system uses to fight off bacteria and viruses while improving critical reading and analytical skills. The annotated bibliography is a resource for further study of immunological defenses of 1-celled organisms, the immunological changes that took place in multi-celled organisms and how the adaptive type of immune system of mammals developed. This course is geared towards students pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Biology already enrolled in a similar class or those seeking additional review. This course also helps teachers looking for a model to base their own lesson plans upon.

This free OpenCourseWare class includes a course syllabus and schedule, a fully annotated bibliography and a downloadable course project completed by a former student of the class. If you'd like to learn more, visit the study of the immune system course page.

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