Esthetics Degree: Course Curriculum for an Esthetics Degree Program

Published Sep 28, 2009

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Estheticians pamper clients with facials, skincare analysis and make-up recommendations. They can be found in spas and salons throughout the world. Many of these skincare professionals have esthetics certifications, not degrees, from an accredited esthetician or cosmetology school. In fact, esthetics is often a certificate specialty program within an associate's degree program in cosmetology. However, one does not have to pursue an associate's degree in cosmetology to obtain a certificate in esthetics.

Course Curriculum for an Esthetics Certificate Program

An esthetics certificate program prepares students to understand the principles and techniques associated with skincare. Upon completion, each graduate must pass all required esthetician examinations in order to practice as a licensed esthetician in their state. Certificate programs in esthetics take approximately one year to complete and include both classroom instruction and hands-on laboratory experience. Esthetic certification programs do not grant licensure and include courses in:

  • History of Skin Care: This course discusses the history of skincare and the technological advances in skincare.
  • Basic Facials: Estheticians learn the basic principles and techniques for providing facials.
  • Sanitation and Disinfection: Students study basic sanitation and disinfection techniques as well as learn how to use high-tech sanitation and disinfectant equipment.
  • Physiology and Histology of Skin: This course studies the physiology of the face, its tissue structure and muscle organization.
  • Hair/Make-Up Removal: Students learn proper techniques for hair and make-up removal as it pertains to each client.
  • Chemistry of Cosmetics: Estheticians learn how and for whom cosmetics are created so that they can select the appropriate skincare products for clients.
  • Skin Diseases and Disorders: Estheticians learn about various skin diseases and disorders and learn proper treatment techniques.
  • Salon/Spa Business Management: Business management techniques are taught in this class in order for graduates to manage or run their own profitable salon.

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