Educational Management Degree: Course Curriculum for an Educational Management Degree Program

Published Sep 08, 2009

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The field of educational management involves working in upper level administrative positions in educational institutions. A degree in educational management may be a good fit for individuals who have undergraduate degrees in teaching or a related field and plan on pursuing careers in school administration.

Course Curriculum for a Master's in Educational Management

A master's degree program in educational management teaches students the skills they need to work in supervisory positions in a number of different educational settings. Graduates are prepared to work in various educational positions, which may include working as principals or educational managers.

While coursework varies between different schools, the curriculum used in any educational management degree program will share common coursework and similar learning objectives. Master's degrees programs in educational management are designed to teach students about various concepts, including research, management, leadership and psychology. In addition, students examine current educational and development practices and their application to different educational institutions.

Students also learn about curriculum design, managing academic organizations, learning and development in organizations, resource management, and standards and assessment quality.

Course Curriculum for a Doctorate in Educational Management

A doctoral degree in educational management may be another good option for those who want to pursue careers at higher-level positions in the field of education. Graduates may be prepared to work in research, as superintendents or in teaching positions at colleges and universities, among other education related jobs. Doctoral students learn about developing policies and procedures, legal matters pertaining to education, developing curricula for various subjects and conducting research. Students may also learn about how to design and assess online courses and programs, in addition to learning about the best teaching and delivery methods for such programs.

Typical courses for a doctoral program in educational management may include research literature in educational management, theories and methods in adult education, teaching adults, classroom assessment, curriculum development in higher education and teaching strategies.

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