Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership: Career Options

Published Sep 02, 2009

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Doctoral programs in Educational Leadership teach skills that are applicable to many advanced teaching, administrative and governmental careers. The degree usually takes about two years to earn, in addition to the time spent earning the prerequisite bachelor's and master's degrees. This article describes some career options for people who have a doctorate degree in Educational Leadership.

Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership Career Summary

A doctoral degree in Educational Leadership prepares graduates for several advanced careers within schools, school districts and governmental agencies. Graduates apply their knowledge of topics like cultural diversity in education, curricula planning, quantitative research methods and educational policy to various professional settings. Common career fields for graduates with a doctoral degree in Educational Leadership include teaching, school administration and educational policymaking.

Educational Leadership Doctorate Career Options: Teaching

While a doctorate in Educational Leadership isn't necessary to teach elementary or secondary school, people with the degree are qualified for such positions as well as more advanced ones in postsecondary institutions. Doctoral degree programs in Educational Leadership teach several skills that are applicable in the classroom setting, such as how to evaluate and assess students' performances, how to teach in a multicultural environment and curricula design.

Educational Leadership Doctorate Career Options: School Administration

Many people who earn a doctorate in Education Leadership decide to become administrators in a school or school district. School-wide administrators, such as principals, help set the school's academic and behavioral standards. School administrators often participate in designing the curricula for some classes and advise teachers on pedagogy and classroom management. District-wide administrators, such as superintendents, perform many of the same job duties as single-school administrators, but they do so for all of the schools in a particular jurisdiction.

Educational Leadership Doctorate Career Options: Education Policymaker

Careers in educational policymaking are also popular choices for people with doctorate degrees in Educational Leadership. Many governmental agencies and private lobbying groups hire people with Educational Leadership knowledge to shape educational theories and laws. Additionally, some school districts hire consultants to help administrators conform to academic or behavioral standards.

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