Media Communications

  • Advertising Management Degree Info - Master Degree Review

    An Advertising Management degree provides you with a curriculum that integrates leadership and ethics. With an Advertising Management degree you may seek employment in advertising, media, marketing or design.

  • Communications Degree Review - Master Degree Information

    A Communications Master's Degree provides students with information to become a strategic leader in the communications field. Students learn to facilitate ideas and how to develop and evaluate an organization's vital and creative communication concepts. A master's degree program provides solid training for students who desire to learn how to accurately analyze an audience or message and develop appropriate tactics to reach others. Students who earn a master's degree in Communications can move further in their careers as sales manager, marketing manager, advertising and promotions manager or public relations manager.

  • Communications Technology Degree Information - Master Degree Review

    A Communications Technology Master's Degree provides students with knowledge and skills in the design, technical, managerial and policy issues associated with developing communication systems that support present-day organizations. Students who earn a master's degree in Communications Technology can advance in their careers in such sectors as computer industry, agribusiness, healthcare, financial services, government, manufacturing, media industries, retailing, telecommunications and utilities.

  • Computer Animation Degree Review - Master Degree Information

    A Master's Degree in Computer Animation prepares students for a career in animation within film, television, or video and computer games. A Computer Animation master's degree offers students a program that touches on classical and computer animation. Students who earn a master degree in Computer Animation can further their careers in film, television, video and computer games, e-commerce, digital publishing and manufacturing.

  • Digital Media Degree Information - MBA Degree Info

    A MBA degree in Digital Media Production will teach you the necessary computer science skills you need to advance your career. With a MBA degree in Digital Media Production, graduates will be able to find employment in broadcasting, with production companies, at Federal agencies, or in education.

  • Journalism Degree Review - Master Degree

    A master's degree program in Journalism will teach you the research and writing skills needed to advance your career. With a master's degree in Journalism, graduates may enter careers in communications, teaching and publishing.